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(3 Pack) of Laxin Forte Kosher Regular Bowel Movement

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Constipation has a variety of causes. Nowadays a number of factors combined to "sabotage" our sound digestive functioning. The main factor is the hectic and tense way of life, leading to wrong eating habits, tension, etc. Moreover, we stuff ourselves with a variety of unhealthy products which make it difficult for our body to function properly. Researches and scientists, from west and east alike, pinpoint wrong diet as the key cause for digestion problems. In this context, certain fruits and plants are considered especially effective in assisting digestion and contributing to easy bowel moving."Secrets of the East" combined its vast experience in natural products' domain with the researchers' knowledge and developed the natural capsules aimed to ensure easy bowel movement – LAXIN FORTE. LAXIN FORTE, the result of many years' research and development, is a totally natural and highly concentrated combination of fruits juices and unique medicinal plants in capsules. The capsules contain the active ingredients found in the following medicinal herbs: Tibetan Rhubarb, Fennel, Psyllium, Flax seeds, plums, figs and Tamarind extract.Usage of LAXIN FORTE assists digestion and stimulate metabolism in a safe and natural way with no side effects.* LAXIN FORTE capsules are the ideal natural and safe solution for those suffering from constipation.*Ingredients:fructus fennel,semen psyllium,semen lini,prune,figs,tamarind.Dirrection:1-3 capsules,according to individual needs.To be taken in the evening during or after a meal.Contains only wholly natural active ingredients.This product contains no preservatives or food coloring.To store in a cool dry place.Contain:360 capsules.Each capsule contain:600 mgAttention! It is a dietary supplement. It is not a drug and can not be used instead of your medication.* This statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product is a dietary supplement and can not replace any medication or treat any disease.