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180 Capsules Of Laxin Forte Kosher Regular Bowel Movement

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Natural capsules for regular port day – Daily extract containing a combination of fruit plants Constipation no one major reason. Nowadays a number of factors combined to “sabotage” our digestive functioning. The main factors are lifestyle and tight dictates rhythmic phenomena such as lack of proper eating, lack of adhering to a healthy diet, stress and more. In addition, we stuff our bodies many unhealthy substances that make it hard on him to function. Researchers and scientists west and east indicate inadequate diet as the key cause digestion. In this context, are certain fruits and plants especially effective in assisting digestion and relief. The information obtained by researchers alongside rich experience in natural products harness “Secrets of the Orient” to develop a unique natural capsules easy exit – LAXIN FORTE.  The result of research and development of many years, is actually completely natural capsules containing a high concentration of fruits juices and unique herbs. The capsules contain the active ingredients found in herbal medicinal ingredients: Tibetan Rhubarb, Fennel, Psyllium, flaxseed, plums, figs and Tamarind extract. Taking LAXIN FORTE capsules helps digestion and stimulate metabolism in a safe and natural way without side effects. LAXIN FORTE capsules are your ideal natural and safe for those suffering from constipation! LAXIN FORTE. The natural way to exit easy Ingredients: desert rhubarb, fennel, psyllium, flax seeds, prunes, figs, tamarind extract. Made in Israel